MY fruit favourites change a little every year......but some never change like FLAVOURITE pear or GOLDSTAR plumcot. or MONTREAL mulberry. Favourite fruit can vary greatly from those who like sweet to those who like more tart, etc, etc. 

Over past 50 yrs most city/urban folks never thought of fruit when "greening" their living spaces. Instead they opted for grass, annual flowers or "plastic"  plants that never "dirty" their living spaces... like blue spruce, cedar, yews, maybe some herbs to feel like they are growing their own food....really? As well, most of our Canadian orchards are outdated with fruit varieties that require many pesticide sprays to survive. For the last 50 yrs farmers have been told by the "ag experts" to mono-culture their fruit orchards with apples only.....too cold for everything else....really?

Why not mix in Asian pears that look like apples but require almost no sprays? Why not plant kiwi vines to climb apple trees and utilize the "non-productive shade area"  on the inside of apple crop canopy...kiwis love the shade and add a second higher valued crop($25/lb) to apple( $2/lb) growing space.

New and old orchards and urban spaces can be made more exciting by including the "weird" stuff listed in this section...and the Canadian foodie is anxiously waiting to buy these "weird fruit" locally...and at any price....pawpaw fruit is NOW selling for $75 per pound...WOW!

We have only limited quantities of some fruit varieties in this section. Order early to avoid the "sold out" sign.