The MONTREAL mulberry fruit are very large, very sweet, very juicy and super flavourful. These delicious black berries are produced all summer long from June to Sept with new fruit ripening every day.....a true everbearing fruit!  Yes birds love the fruit as do raccoons, deer and just about every critter. Not to worry though, with 1000's of berries ripening over a long period of time there is plenty to share and farmers can plant a hedgerow of mulberries to act as a "trap crop" to save their other market crop from being eaten by scavengers. Great tree for the organic minded grower as our mulberries have shown no disease or insect problems for the last 25 years ....in spite of drastic climate change over that time. Our original mother tree has totally acclimatized to our -35 C winters(Zone 3) so that now, when we reproduce new trees from her genetics, we find the new offspring are also very hardy like their mother. Hard to find a better berry plant.... tasty, high in nutrients and easy to pick. This self-fertile mulberry is very ornamental with its huge leaves( high in protein) and long drooping branches. Tree size is considered small.......4-5 meters tall and 3-4 meters wide. Montreal mulberry trees are truly amazing.....hardy to - 40 C, easy to grow, very precocious (will start fruiting in one year), no spraying( disease/insect resistant), sweet, delicious berries keep coming and coming and coming( from June to Sept), even the leaves are used to make a delicious green tea reported to help moderate health problems associated with diabetes. 

If you are a novice gardener apprehensive about trying a fruit tree...then a Montreal mulberry will certainly build your confidence. Our Montreal mulberry trees will produce fruit right away the first year ...no waiting for food to eat!

Montreal Black Mulberry....Everbearing ........$185


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