Canadian Permaculture wannabees are looking for advice on how to do this method of food growing in our tough Canadian climate.  Many Permaculture "experts"  from USA and Europe are now touring Canada telling us how to do permaculture like them. Having read their books and listened to their talks we think that the plant choices they suggest are not always well adapted to our tough Canadian climate conditions. We recommend that you look at our collection of plants below that have proven themselves over the past 45 years on our own organic  "permaculture" farm here in Canada where we can get very cold -40 C winters, intense +35 C summer heat, torrential rains and a variety of nasty insects and diseases. Planting a Bartlett pear may be OK for the many parts of the USA and Europe......but here in Canada disease( fireblight) and winter cold ( -40 C) has decimated all of our Bartlett -type trees.

The species in this permaculture section are some of my favourites but there are many others listed in other sections of our GREEN BARN website.