Canadian fruit growers need to get out of the "commodity fruit game" and try growing something different that is your planting seeds of unusual fruit. Fruit trees produced from seed... called "seedlings" are all slightly different and the fruit crop they produce cannot be patented or controlled by a corporate seed giant like Monsanto. This is a very effective way to show your disapproval of GMO's.  You can select the seedlings you find best adapted to your own cold climate and growing conditions. You can then select for best flavours and other characteristics that you may red flesh instead of the white-flesh found in most apples. By growing seedlings you can help to protect our Canadian genetic heritage from the influx of "controlled" fruit varieties like the GMO engineered  Arctic apple (now planted in many orchards in Canada and USA)....and rest assured that here in Canada we will see many more GMO fruit being sold in our supermarkets in the near future.

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