Apples represent Canada's biggest fruit production valued at over $100 million/yr. However our orchards are still not satisfying the demand for apples by Canadian consumers and thus we must import over $150 million/yr to meet this "excess" demand. So yes plant some apple trees but mainly ones that are cold hardy and can resist diseases like apple scab and fireblight. Also unusual flavours( heritage apples) or unusual colours( red-fleshed apples) or unusual uses( cider apples) or special characteristics( like non-browning flesh when cut)...all these can add value to your apple crop. Now that Canadian farmers(started in BC) are full steam ahead planting the first GMO apple orchards with the non-browning GMO variety called "ARCTIC APPLE"( yuuk!) is time to protect our apple orchards from the decline that we have witnessed in our field crops...using GMO corn and GMO soy beans to replace older/healthier heritage varieties.......are we CRAZY or what!

2024 will see us introducing new varieties of "made in Canada" apples..ones found growing wild on our farm  or found growing wild in other provinces