Apple - DORE


An open-pollinated selection of the Golden Delicious type. Dore apples have honey-sweet, juicy flesh with a beautiful yellow skin. Dore trees are very cold hardy(zone 2-3) extremely productive, precocious and very disease resistant. Great new apple for organic growers. Very marketable apple because of its appealing colouration, shape and old fashioned taste. We have custom designed  or "Taylor-made"  these Dore apple trees to be very well anchored with Antanovoka roots and  quick fruiting with Bud 9 interstem.These are double grafted trees that never need staking yet stay a dwarf size...about 3 meters. About 40 years ago, while attending a fruit explorers conference at Cornell University, I was told soon all apple, pear and most major fruit trees would be double grafted interstem trees for optimum production and adaptability.... and now 40 years later “soon” has not arrived! Why?... because it is much cheaper and faster to do a single grafted tree.

DORE INTERSTEM Apple tree..........$170….sold out

DORE DWARF APPLE TREE....4-5 ft available

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