Agroforestry Seeds and Other

Kiwi (Zone 2)

Very hardy, takes full shade and is excellent for agroforestry projects.   Produces a fuzz-less fruit which does not need peeling to eat! Much sweeter and less acid than the commercial fuzzy ones. Delicate perfumed white flowers. Vigorous vine that is great for covering fences, walls or trellis. Varieties: Kolomikta and Arguta.              


Are indestructible little plants (1M) that can take depleted soils. They resist the coldest winters without any damage. Goji berries are being reported as one of the most healthy fruits in the world.


Black, red, yellow, purple, blue. ..we sell all the colours

Wild Raisin (Nanny Berry) 

Hardy small tree bears a very sweet black berry good to eat fresh or dried into raisins... easy to grow!


Very hardy, produce every year and spread by root suckers so they can effectively be used to fill in a wet corner of the property or ditch (riparian buffers). The reddish, purple fruit is produced in huge flat clusters loved by birds and  easily picked for pies,  jam, juice and wine... the huge flower heads are fried in a batter and eaten as a delicacy in Europe.


Dense shrubs  with beautiful silver leaves and thousands of orange berries Berries have a tart pineapple-like taste  and  contain very high levels of antioxidants much higher than any other fruit... Seaberr y plants are tough , take sand or clay soil, shade or  full sun, will spread down a slope or stay on a lawn , improve soil fertility by fixing nitrogen.. Natural bear fence for northern  orchards,  thicket birds love them!


Yellow  high pectin fruit has a unique aroma which comes across in the delicious quince jelly and it is also valuable for adding zing when blended with other fruit.  The tree is very small with gnarled branches and black bark making it an interesting ornamental. Beautiful flowers of white, red, orange.

Black Berry

Hardy, productive with huge juicy black fruit...maybe you can grow your own climate adapted thornless blackberry.

Green Barn Farm PawPaw


Small trees that produces hanging clusters of fruit with a delicious mango banana like flavour.. trees have few pest or disease problems, like high organic matter soils to grow well.

Arctic Orange 

Perennial(zone 3) fruit that produces loads of orange coloured and orange flavoured fruit that can be eaten fresh or processed into jams/sauces.  


Try growing your own strawberry varieties that might taste more like those wild berries. 


Very hardy... make beautiful ornamentals  with their bright orange fruit and waxy droopy leaves.. The wood is very similar to ebony making it valuable for carving .

Duke Cherry 

Old fashion cherry tree well known at the turn of the century..small hardy tree produces black or red sweet  cherry. 

Rosa Rugosa  

Hardy to zone 2. This rose bush is not attacked by pests and diseases that ravage other roses... The Rose Hip fruit are large and edible...eaten because thought to be a heart tonic.


Looking for hardy nut seeds? Try our heart nuts, hazels, hickories, pecans, chestnuts ginko,etc 

All our seeds are selected from our own plants that are grown without pesticides. ALL ABOVE SEEDS are $25 per package.

Discover Your Roots....$25/pk

Organic Potatoes

Why plant your own potatoes? Potato growers are using more toxic pesticides, the harvested potatoes are then treated with more chemicals to prevent sprouting and finally GMO's may have been incorporated into your potatoes. Thus the most popular veggie in the world has become one of the most adulterated.  We have selected the best for tasting and storage and easiest to grow varieties below.

  • Red Finn - red skin fingerling with delicious taste and smooth-textured yellow flesh
  • French ratte - cream flesh, banana shape, firm "waxy" delicious baked, great potato salad.
  • Russian rock - firm purple skin, white flesh... all purpose potato.. stores forever... sold out 2014
  • SUNCHOKES (Jerusalem artichokes)  - Easy to grow with beautiful sunflower-like blooms.  sunchokes are eaten like potatoes and have a sweet nutty flavour.   The carbohydrate (inulin) found in sunchokes promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria  in our intestines (probiotic) and diabetics have no trouble digesting it.  Plant a few and have sunchokes for rest of your life!   stampede or Garnet Red


Small perennial plant that produces exotic little tubers with a chestnut-like flavour and crispness similar of water chestnut. Delicious eaten raw or cooked.

Asparagus Plants

We grow two unusual types of asparagus with one with old fashion taste, the other produces purplish shoots.

Horse Radish 

Easy to grow perennial. roots are harvested and made into a tangy, flavourful sauce that accentuates many meat dishes. Full of health promoting substances.

Hops Vines

Beautiful, fast growing vine that produces the hops used in brewing beer. Plant is in same family as marijuana and thus hops buds can make a calming herbal tea. Even the new shoots in spring can be eaten like asparagus. Will quickly cover poles and fences.


Every home should have rhubarb tucked away in some corner. Plant in compost. Rhubarbs tart red stems are used for just  about anything" fruit pies, wine sauce, etc...

Arctic Orange 

Perennial plant that produces loads of orange coloured and orange flavoured fruit that can be eaten fresh or processed into jams/sauces,  Ripe fruit falls from plant...

Rootstocks....5 for $75 

We sell small fruit tree rootstocks (1-3 ft) that can be used to graft your favourite variety of fruit onto. 

  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Plum