Peaches, nectarines and apricots are real easy to grow in the right climate...and their taste far exceeds anything you can purchase in supermarkets. Apricots like long cold winters without warm spells. Their dormant flower buds start to "awaken" after just a few days of warm weather and thus lose their resistance to subsequent cold spells. Peaches/nectarines like shorter winters and their dormant winter buds may die ( by freeze drying) with extreme wind chills below -30 C . So deep snow cover or windbreaks will lower wind chill and lead to more successful peach/nectarine production. We are working on finding hardier peaches/nectarines and better adapted apricots to climate fluctuations. We sell special dwarf peaches/nectarines/almonds that do very well in a pot and then can be brought into a moderated cold space for winter(garage,basement,barn, etc)

ALPRICOT...........peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds will cross with each other and thus form some interesting offspring.  This Almond x Apricot cross is listed below

PEALMOND ......this is a Peach x Almond cross also listed below (new for spring 2020)