KlThe rare TIFFANY ROSE peach has a rose-red skin and the most delicious, white/pink flesh. The juicy sweet flesh reflects its heritage genetics with a divine fruity peach flavour....to die for! You will never eat store bought peaches again.

Peaches are easy to grow ( insects do not ruin the fruit as fuzz seems to repel them). Plant peach trees on south side of windbreak to reduce winter wind chills or prune your peach tree to a 5 ft bush in open field situation...so deep snow can insulate the buds from cold winter winds. Peaches can also be grown in pots and brought into cold cellar for winter to protect peach flowers from the more severe winter climates of zones 1-4. The beautiful pink flowers in early spring will brighten your day
Zone 4/5 or colder with protection from winter winds

Tiffany Rose Peach trees we sell are mature enough to  start fruiting in one year......$99

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