Exotic fruit growing in containers on rooftops, balcony or patio is the latest hot gardening trend. Beautiful flowers, attractive foliage and colourful fruit make for a rewarding and unique gardening experience...like enjoying a tequila with fresh slice of lime( from your own tree). You might like to try " Pot Permaculture" where you mix several edibles in same container....like a lime tree, a blueberry bush, a kiwi vine and a perennial ground cover like strawberry. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If the weather gets too cold outside then bring your "portable orchard" into a warmer location...your bedroom, basement, kitchen or garage. A sunny indoor spot will even continue to provide winter food production...how great is that. Some of the EXOTIC FRUIT in this section can be grown outdoors year round...particularly in warmer zones 6-9  here in Canada 

Know someone who might enjoy a banana tree...see  A GIFT CARD in this section.