We have successfully grafted/cloned our new almond onto our special prunus rootstock. This almond has some peach genes in it so that the flesh can be eaten like a peach and the seed(almond nut) is also delicious. The flesh of the fruit makes a delicious "peachy-nutty" jam. These trees can be potted and kept on deck or patio for summer and brought into cool garage for winter in colder climates(Zones 2,3,4). Others in zone 5,6,7 can plant this ALMONDXPEACH tree outdoors.....and have good success.  We have grafted this special peach x almond variety on our own dwarfing rootstock so it will stay small and produce fruit very quickly…..usually one year after planting 

Also a beautiful looking tree with pink flowers and peach-like foliage

ALMOND X PEACH.......$199 ea


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