COLD HARDY is a recently discovered almond (prunus dulcis) from the high mountains in Europe..... that has proven to be as cold hardy as peaches to zone 4/5 here in Canada.

Self fertile small tree that produces the most delicious amaretto flavoured almonds ever ... a few grafted trees for sale spring 2024

COLD HARDY almond tree …..$189...available for spring 2024


The DWARF COLD PRINCE is the only genetic dwarf almond ever discovered. It will never grow taller than 5 feet and can be just as happy growing in a pot on your patio as in your garden.  Its small dense branches put on a floral display in spring that is unequalled by any other almond. We sell only grafted trees of The Little Prince..... that are already old enough to produce almonds. This is a new variety of almond for us and thus we have not tested it for winter hardiness in our colder climate. If you are in zones 5-9 this almond should survive the winter outdoors but colder zones 2,3,4...then should bring the tree into cool garage or house for winter. Some of you may have a warmer microclimate on your property in which to try this almond. The Little Prince almonds are as large and tasty as the commercial almonds we import from California. Also when you grow your own almond tree you can eat both the almond flesh and the almond seed  The Little Prince almond is self fertile so only one tree is needed to get almond fruit. Very beautiful and exotic plant that produces delicious, healthy almonds........almonds from your own backyard ......not imported from California!

LITTLE COLD PRINCE …..$189 ……available summer/fall 2024


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