WHY NOT NUTS for a better PROTEIN than meat or GMO soya???  Healthier for you and healthier for the planet.  Walnuts, acorns, hazelnuts, pecans, hickory and gingko nuts are all produced on long-lived trees (100 yrs or more) that are adaptable to a wide range of Canadian climate/soil conditions. Chestnuts are a tree substitute for field potatoes. Anyone who has grown potatoes knows how difficult they are to grow without pesticides . Chestnuts grow in same soils as potatoes, have a similar carbohydrate profile to potatoes and can be roasted like potatoes. However, unlike annual potatoes, chestnuts produce nuts year after year for a very long time without replanting/ weeding/spraying as is the case with potatoes. We can grow many kinds of walnuts in CANADA which include butternuts,heartnuts, black walnuts and English(Persian) walnut. Pine nuts and almonds can also be produced in Canada. 

Afraid of peanut allergies...try eating organic tree nuts rather than commercial peanuts? WHY NOT "MEAT and POTATOES" from trees??