About The Green Barn Farm

Ken Taylor developed his appreciation of fruit orchards while "food foraging" with 10 siblings on his parents family farm . A high school scholarship led him to 8 years of city living while acquiring his science degrees. Longing for better tasting food than found in city supermarkets, he decided to purchase his own family farm with support and encouragement from his wife Lorraine.

A Family Affair

Ken and Lorraine worked together to grow healthy, tasty organic food for their own family while paying the bills with off farm work. Since the 1980's they "pioneered" several farm business ventures including a CSA (community supported agriculture),  a certified organic farm food market, a seed company and a fruit tree nursery. Ken's science background led to many R&D projects, such as saving heritage genetics (Montreal melon, antique apples, etc) or breeding/selecting new fruit/veggie varieties better adapted to very extreme cold climates (-40 C). They were one of Canada's first organic fruit farms that has since evolved into a "cutting edge" permaculture food forest .... also called agroforestry. For more info watch "Freedom Farming" video

With over 40 years of experience and experimentation, the Taylor's Green Barn Farm now serves as a model and inspires a whole new generation of young farmers, including son Nicholas Taylor who has now returned from university to work and  pursue plant science research at the farm in the family business.

The Taylor's many years of private fruit tree research has established their Green Barn Farm as the "epicentre" of new fruit tree varieties that are adapted to the colder climate regions of Canada. Seedless grapes, pawpaws, persimmons, medlars, quince, shipova, kiwis, Asian pears, chums, plumcots, pecans, walnuts and red-fleshed apples are but a few of their new cold hardy discoveries that can now be grown in Canada. These new GB varieties are also resistant to many of the fruit diseases and pests that plague traditional fruit orchards, thus eliminating the need for chemical fungicides and pesticides. 

Canadian Acclimatized Trees

The Taylors propagate Green Barn fruit trees from their own cold-acclimatized mother trees, interstems and rootstocks. Thus farm orchards across Canada can be planted with custom designed trees that meet cold climate/soil/ grower requirements. If you want to grow fruit in the city, then trees can be tailored to meet those requirements as well.   

Once these "Taylor-made" fruit trees are cold acclimatized , they are then dug when dormant(asleep) and stored in cold rooms until planted by the fruit grower. Dormant "bare root" fruit trees make for easy transport and they handle transplant conditions much better than potted fruit trees.

We start shipping spring orders by May 1, 2017 weather permitting. Orders cancelled by customer after this date may not be refunded. Contact Ken at info@greenbarnnursery.ca or call us at 514 951-9757.