This is one of the most expensive imported tropical fruits you will find in supermarkets...and is full of health benefits. You can easily grow one of these indoors in Canada. Being a cactus plant, Dragon Fruit needs very little watering or care and can be grown indoors all year round in a container...beautiful flowers and fruit. Great ornamental edible that is very easy to grow.....plants we sell will fruit in just one year if given enough heat and light. Internet has great instructions on how to grow a DRAGON FRUIT cactus plant

We now have to pay an extra $ 50 per plant for special permits to import Dragon FRUIT into Canada...as well as transport/brokerage and suppliers costs. You gotta love how our regulatory systems("gov laws") are always at war with us "the people" ...... whether trying to feed ourselves some fruit or taking a walk at night (called "curfew")

Better get your Dragon FRUIT plants now....as expect not to be able to import the plants in future. If there is ever a world shortage of Dragon FRUIT guess who will get the FRUIT last...yes us we little Canadians..as was the case with COVID vaccine over the past 5 months as we relied on the world vaccine suppliers. 

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