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BANANA troubles are here and Canada imports 100% of its bananas from big “Chiquita” like conglomerates so we get the only commercial variety grown called Cavendish. This Cavendish variety is now being wiped out by a fungal disease that wiped out its predecessor in the 1950’s. So for next decade or so we will most likely have to eat genetically engineered (GMO) bananas. Maybe it is time to grow a banana in your house  or in your rose garden.

Whenever we show our banana trees to farm visitors...they  touch the giant leaves with disbelief....and if the timing is right,  they might even see the giant flower head forming over a hundred bananas. They usually get really excited to try a plant themselves!  Your own banana tree will certainly make an interesting conversation piece!  While waiting for your tree to mature the bananas, you can use the gigantic leaves to wrap, cook and  flavour food!  Banana trees are easy to grow either in a pot or outdoors in full sun. Only trick is that they need two of our Canadian growing seasons to mature the bring the plant into unheated garage or basement when fall temps are declining to +5 C. In a pot it is easy to move banana indoors... but we dig our bananas bare root( from soil) in fall and overwinter in moist wood chips(or newspaper) in cool conditions(+5 to +10 C)...then move them outdoors again for second growing season when spring weather settles down to above freezing temps. Once your mother plant finishes fruiting she dies...but before she dies..... she is smart enough to produce at least 2-3 babies...which we use to grow to more one banana plant is all you will ever need to buy...unless you want to try different varieties of nursery I visited in Florida stocks about 100 varieties of banana.  

We are offering several types of dwarf banana trees in 2024.....

Truly Tiny.... (RARE ...most dwarf of all banana trees and produces delicious sweet fruit )

Mahoi.......... ( double annual crops of delicious bananas  )

Gran Nain ......( original dwarf Cavendish).

Kokopo......... (unusual sweet orange flesh with higher nutrient content  )

Blue Banana ...( blue skinned fruit that has sweet creamy flesh its other name is "Ice Cream" banana)

 Lacatan ......claimed to be the best tasting of all banana varieties

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