Figs need a nice warm spot to fully ripen outdoors and can only take about -15 C temps in the winter. They grow very easily in a container and when cold weather arrives they can be brought inside a garage or house to finish ripening their fruit.  Left in a basement or garage where temps are cool (+5 C ) the fig will drop its foliage and go dormant for winter. Once dormant the fig needs little or no water or care until you take container into warm temps in spring to stimulate new leaf growth.

Brown Turkey figs have brownish copper skin( with a blush of purple) and deliciously- sweet, red flesh.

We also sell other figs: White Kadota, Freyburg, Hardy Chicago, Desert King, Olympia, etc but all have about the same winter hardiness and all fruit are are sweet and delicious...the colour of fig when ripe varies somewhat from beige/ brown to purple/black

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