All COFFEE comes from only one variety of coffee plant "arabica" and is used to make every cup of coffee sold the world over. Our dwarf Canadian Arabica coffee plants are available and will be shipped as small potted plants in late May early June when weather warms up…. and until October when weather cools down again. These dwarf coffee plants are simple to grow in a small pot indoors all year round and will never grow more than a few feet tall. Their glossy green leaves and later... the red coffee "berries" ( the seed inside the berry is the "bean" roasted for coffee) make these an ideal indoor gardening food plant. While you are waiting for the coffee beans to be produced you can make an incredibly healthy and tasty brew from the leaves of the coffee plant. Recent scientific studies have shown that "tea" made from arabica coffee leaf is much healthier than regular green tea( made from camellia tea plant leaves).............and many say it is much tastier as well. Be the first to start a Canadian coffee "plantation" in your neighborhood and introduce your foodie friends to this new "super healthy" beverage called "coffee leaf tea". Easy to grow indoor food plant with edible fruit( berry and bean) and edible leaves. Grows best in shade so never place in full sun! Your little coffee plant should continue giving you leaves and berries to enjoy for many years. 

EASY to grow indoors in small pot all year round. Leaves stay a glossy vibrant green even in during winters cool and dry indoor conditions

Our Dwarf COFFEE PLANTS are $85 each

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