Workshop - Fruit Planting & Propagation                Saturday May 4, 2019 ....Cost $200 


We get frequent requests for "on site" consulting but suggest that anyone who is planning a farm orchard or a backyard fruitscape should first come to this 3 hr workshop and ask all your questions (9-12 noon). We discuss small farm orchards, permaculture orchards, food forests, agroforestry and city or urban fruitscapes.. Even if you are planning to start fruit growing in your backyard this workshop will help with your decisions. We will explain how to choose the right varieties(genetics) for your requirements and also those that we have found can be grown organically with no sprays. We explain how to choose varieties to match your soil and climate conditions. How to plant a fruit tree properly, when is best for transplant success, where to plant on your property and why are you planting fruit trees will all be answered.


The afternoon propagation session (1-4 pm) will show how you can use fruit seeds or cuttings or scions or buds to propagate your favourite fruit varieties. We will have propagation materials available to all participants  ...seeds, cuttings, scions, buds, grafting tape,rootstocks, etc.....so you can choose what propagation materials you want to take home...... to propagate your own fruit trees. We are the only nursery/farm in Canada that offers this type of fruit preservation workshop... but this may be our last!. As societal interest in preserving all kinds of species from frogs to butterflies increases...sadly the interest in preserving our fruit heritage is declining rapidly. In 2019, approximately 95% of the fruit you will eat comes from far away places. You must also be wary of the 5% Canadian grown fruit as GMO apples are starting to flood the marketplace and 99% of all Canadian grown fruit is heavily sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc....much like the imported fruit. 

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