A FARM FRUIT DAY---June 1, 2024


FRUIT and PROPAGATION....10 -1 pm

Many are buying small farms to escape the stresses of Covid in the city and many are planning their own food security. Thus requests for advice on fruit growing for food independence ......has exploded ...... and the internet is full of bad advice.

DO YOU have a vision or plan for your food garden/farm in 2024? Hopefully you are aware of the deadly destructive effects of conventional food growing. Since 1970, when Fukuoka(scientist-farmer) wrote his classic book "One Straw REVOLUTION" , few have heeded any of the advice or wisdom in his teachings, Now 55 years later you will see how Green Barn farm implemented most of his principles and methods of growing food without interfering with nature or destroying the planet. New ways of producing food are constantly being written about .....but most are sadly lacking in the wisdom of Fukuoka( who just died at age 93).  We honour his memory by showing how his wisdom influenced our food growing from the start and hopefully give you a contrary view of contemporary internet "stupidity".

Anyone who is planning a farm food forest or a backyard fruitscape should first come to workshop and ask all your questions. We discuss small farm orchards, permaculture orchards, food forests, agroforestry and city or urban fruitscapes.. Even if you are planning to start first time fruit growing in your backyard this workshop will help with your decisions. We will explain how to choose the right varieties(genetics) for your requirements and also those that we have found can be grown organically with no sprays. We explain how to choose varieties to match your soil and climate conditions. How to plant a fruit tree properly, when is best for transplant success, where to plant on your property and why you should be planting fruit trees for your family..... and the health of the planet! Will discuss how your planet destroying CARBON FOOTPRINT can be mitigated with more impactful actions than driving Tesla car. YOU SHOULD BE AWARE AND ASHAMED THAT CANADA HAS THE WORST CARBON FOOTPRINT PER PERSON THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ...WHERE IS CANADA'S GRETA THUNBERG TO CHALLENGE OUR GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE TO DO BETTER??? 



We will show how you can use fruit seeds or cuttings or scions or buds to propagate your favourite fruit varieties or to create new exciting fruit varieties. We will offer all participants a variety of propagating materials to experiment with at home. We are the only nursery/farm in Canada that offers this type of fruit preservation workshop. We hope to inspire participants to make fruit plant propagation part of their future plans for food security ......once you get the mother plants and you know how to propagate them....you are now in control of your food supply.

Watch YouTube video called "FREEDOM FARMING" on our Green Barn Farm( Gives our perspective for "food forest" )

As societal interest in preserving frogs to butterflies increases...sadly the interest in preserving our own CANADIAN fruit heritage is declining rapidly.

In 2024 we estimate that 98% of the fruit, nuts and berries you eat will come from far away places and is quite often "contaminated" with various amounts of pesticides/listeria germs/etc.......maybe even COVID virus. BUT EVEN WORSE IS THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF THIS FOOD AND ITS DISASTROUS EFFECT ON CLIMATE CHANGE......so many good things happen when you plant a food tree!!!

Cost for workshop … $50 

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