This is the new " apple star" of the crispy, sweet Gala type apples. Honeycrisp apples are the most popular supermarket apple at the moment...and hence the most expensive. Try growing your own as these are easy to pick and maintain on the dwarfing B9 rootstock we use( can keep them 6 feet for easy picking). Produces more fruit with cross pollination from another apple variety and Honeycrisp ripens its fruit in early Sept here.

Honeycrisp can take very cold climates down to -35C if tree is not weakened by being grown in a pot before you plant it. .....meaning try to buy your fruit trees bare root rather than in a pot from your supplier if you are concerned about winter cold hardiness.

HONEYCRISP trees we sell will produce fruit one year after planting....very precocious.

HONEYCRISP grafted dwarf tree.........3-4 ft

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