APPLE Purple Passion


Purple Passion is a large dark red apple with exotic, dark-red flesh. Makes great tasting pies,sauce or juice with eye-appealing red colouration...fresh cider made from the juice is a beautiful red wine colour. Purple Passion is also great for drying and ferments into a beautifully coloured cider. Its red spring flowers and purple/green leaves make this a highly desirable tree for any landscaping project. ZONE 3  Purple passion apples are mature in late Sept-early Oct. Plant a Red Wonder( our other favourite red fleshed apple) for cross pollination and save your seeds to experiment at growing your own varieties of red-fleshed apples. We have our Purple Passion trees dwarfed (at 3 meters) for easy picking and quick fruiting. We used a rootstock that can take poor soils and anchors the tree so it needs no staking and yet stays small at 3 metres. These "taylor made" Purple Passion trees are double grafted(interstem tree) so that they can take Canada's worst soil and climate conditions.  About 40 years ago, while attending a fruit explorers conference at Cornell University, I was told that within 5 years all apple, pear and most major fruit trees would be double grafted interstem trees for optimum production and adaptability.... and now 40 years later we are the only nursery in North America to sell interstem fruit trees. Why?... because it is much cheaper and faster to do a single grafted tree.

PURPLE PASSION apple tree....................3-4 ft





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