Cherry olive (elaeagnus sp.) is a shrub(6 ft) with beautiful silver foliage, bronze-metallic bark and masses of  fragrant yellow flowers (excellent for honey bees). Masses of sweet, cherry-like, RED berries literally surround the branches in the fall( October).and hold onto branches into winter, Cherry olives have higher levels of antioxidants( lycopene, Vit C, etc) than many other fruit...including blueberries.. These delicious little cherries can be enjoyed raw, dried, or processed into jams, juices, jellies. This tough plant is drought resistant, grows in full shade or full sun and fixes nitrogen thereby fertilizing your soil for free!. Great choice for agroforestry or organic permaculture projects as well as those looking for a carefree, versatile fruiting bush in tough growing areas...from depleted city soils to toxic dump sites. Can be used to create a dense, attractive hedge-row for farms or city privacy that humans AND wildlife will adore. Plants are somewhat self pollinating but produce much more with mix of different varieties.

Cherry Olive x 3 plants( mix of varieties).......$175

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