A NEW MULBERRY - SNOW WHITE - Wild Canadian Discovery



Our Snow White mulberry tree was created by nature underneath a canopy of nut trees... from a mulberry eaten(and seed excreted) by a bird sitting on branch of our nut tree. We discovered this wild mulberry tree only a few years ago when cutting out the larger nut trees. Now the tree is producing super sweet, very large, white mulberries.(white fruited mulberries do not stain like the black varieties so maybe more appropriate for backyards where this is of concern) This "bird-planted" mulberry tree has produced fruit even after the -40 C test winters here on our farm.... so these trees should be suitable for planting in the coldest climate zones of Canada( zone 3 and maybe colder).

For the past two summers we have noticed that squirrels and birds start devouring the ripe berries in JUNE and continually eat ripened berries all summer/fall right up to October. We can now say that we have discovered our very first everbearing white mulberry. We have named this rare new species as the "SNOW WHITE"  mulberry. WE have many other white mulberries growing on our farm but none of them are everbearing so all the berries ripen at the same time and fall immediately. Also all other white mulberries fall and rot quickly and the fruit is not as sweet and tasty as the SNOW WHITE mulberries. No other nursery has this new mulberry.

We have only a few trees available this year as they are very difficult to graft(propagate). 

CANADIAN SNOW WHITE mulberry tree.......$199 ea


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