This is a new berry we have been growing and tasting for several years now and think it is a winner for anyone wanting to grow delicious, sweet berries in a really tough Canadian climate zone. These dwarf bushes(4 ft) are cold hardy to zone 2 and can survive in a wide variety of soil and climatic conditions. ALMOND BERRY fruit hangs in clusters like blueberries and their sweet berry-flavour is a blend of almond/saskatoon/blueberry ......superbly delicious.  The delicate almond flavour in the fresh berries intensifies when made into pies, jams etc. Very productive, cold hardy, self fertile, quick fruiting, dwarf bushes that are ideal for those looking for delicious berries that are easily grown organically with no sprays. Bushes we are selling this year were fruiting mother plants we pruned heavily to make for easier transplanting.

ALMOND BERRY fruiting bush.....$75

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