CANADIAN Kiwi - Male Arguta


Arguta kiwis taste and look the same as Kolomikta kiwis but differ in other ways. Arguta fruit ripens mid Sept - mid Oct while Kolomikta fruit starts to ripen much earlier in mid Aug. Ripe Arguta kiwis hang for months on the vine while Kolomikta fruit falls when ripe. We have picked fresh Arguta kiwis for Xmas perfect condition.....the fruit did not "freeze" or lose its taste after experiencing freezing lcold. Arguta kiwis, like the Kolomikta types survive - 40 C winters (zone 2)and have shown no disease or insect problems. One male Arguta can pollinate several females(up to 9).When pollinated, the females start fruiting in 3-5 yrs.

Canadian MALE Arguta kiwi plant.......$59

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