PERSIMMON Females are self fertile and thus you can plant just one and get fruit. They fruit quickly in one or two years and are easily grown in a pot.

We sell several varieties of these self fertile persimmons;

1) Canadian Persimmon - when a female Canadian persimmon seedling is found to be self fruiting (without another tree for cross pollination) we then take branches(scions) of this self fertile female seedling and graft it so to produce an identical offspring persimmon…called CORA ……Hardy to - 35 C


2) Asian Persimmon- there are many popular varieties of these Asian persimmon fruit planted in the warmer climates of China, Israel, Italy, etc..Some can be eaten unripe and crunchy( like FUYA) while others are eaten only when soft and fully ripened to remove astringency (like Hachiyama).
FUYA is a self-fertile female variety that can be eaten without "softening" .... equally delicious if eaten when firm or left to further ripen(soften) which concentrates its flavour. The fruit can be dried or frozen for winter use. The tree is spectacular in fall when the bright orange fruit hang on bare branches. Fuya trees can survive freezing temperatures down to about -15 C so can be grown outdoors in the warmer areas of Canada(zones 7--10) or grow them as a potted tree in colder climates like Zone 5 and colder.......and then bring indoors for winter into a cool basement, garage or barn.

HACHIYAMA is an Asian persimmon variety that ripens earlier than all others we have tested. The fruit must be left to ripen(soften) fully to remove the astringency and the soft flesh then becomes deliciously sweet and tasty. These varieties are hardy to about - 20 C so plant only in warmer climate zones 7 to 9.... unless protected to moderate the winter cold found in colder zones 2-5. Other option is to bring the persimmon trees into a cool indoor space for winter once they drop their leaves. Both Fuya and Hachiyama are self-fruitful and will give fruit even if not cross-pollinated.

Let us know which variety you want when ordering any of above persimmon varieties

CORA tree........................….$169

FUYA tree...............................$169





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