WITCH HAZEL is a wild native species that has been decimated from most of its natural range - from Nova Scotia to Minnesota to Texas.

Native Americans and early settlers used the plant to make extracts that were used to reduce swellings, inflammation and even to shrink tumours. Today the astringent extract is used as a soothing skin conditioner.

Water dowsers used witch hazel branches to help them locate underground water sources. 

Witch Hazel plants bloom here on our farm in December. The abundant clusters of golden yellow flowers on bare branches provides a welcome late season explosion of colour in the landscape.

Witch hazel plants are hardy to at least Zone 3 and unique at self propagating.... by ejecting its mature seed up to 50 feet in all directions. Plant one of these self-fertile plants on your property and help preserve this fast disappearing native species
SELF POLLINATING and ZONE 3 winter hardy
HEIGHT: 2 meters 
WIDTH: 1 meter

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