Goji Berry


Native to Tibet, this superfood shrub( 1m) can grow in almost any soil type... even rocky soils as long as it is well drained. The oblong, bright orange-red fruit has a sweet, slightly bitter taste and is commercially sold as dried, sweetened berries. We sell our own cold hardy selections that produce and ripen masses of berries over a long period in Sept to Nov. You can plant goji almost anywhere...along brick wall, on sandy slopes or rocky hillsides where they will show a spectacular display when full of orange red berries that hang on branches all fall .....unless devoured by you or other wild goji lovers! Best to plant 2 GOJI varieties for better cropping. Our Goji plants are tough and hardy to ZONE 3/4 or colder with good snow cover

GOGI berries have "super fruit" status because of their antioxidant power and nutrient density . Freeze dried goji berries can be stored for 10 yrs on kitchen counter and eaten as snack or added to hot water to make a delicious healthy tea. Black Ruby variety is 5 times higher in antioxidants than the red goji varieties  

HARVEST: Starts in August and continues until freezing temps arrive in Oct/Nov

Red GOJI varieties available: Dynamite Red and Taylor Red.

Black Goji...Noir variety available in 2024

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