Kiwi or "Chinese gooseberry" are primarily known as the 'fuzzy" kind from New Zealand. Our kiwis taste and look the same as those from "down under" but our Canadian kiwi fruit are fuzzless and the plants are extremely cold hardy to -40 C or colder. There are 2 types of Canadian kiwi: ARGUTA type and KOLOMIKTA type. Arguta kiwi ripen after mid Sept and will hold on the tree for months while Kolomikta fruit starts to ripen much earlier in mid Aug and will fall when ripe. One male kiwi can pollinate many females(6 or more).When pollinated, the females start fruiting in 1-2 years for Kolomikta varieties or 3-5 years for Arguta varieties. We are experimenting with crossing arguta kiwis with kolomikta kiwis in hopes of finding offspring with the best attributes of both parents.

MALE Kiwis do not produce fruit...they are only used for their pollen. One male plant can "pollinate" 10 or more female kiwis in close proximity. Zone 2 cold hardiness and other growth characteristics are the same as the female plants

CANADIAN Male......$59

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