Taylor mulberries are our hardiest mulberry trees and can have a rainbow of colour variations from black-lavender-red-pink to even white. Why the colour variations?.... because these trees are seedling offspring from our open-pollinated mulberry fruit seeds thus releasing many fruit colour possibilities in their offspring.  Great trap crop for birds and other wildlife that eat your other commercial crops. Also recommended for permaculture plantings as both the fruit and leaves are a valuable food source. No disease or insect problems either so easily grown with organic methods. Pick the very juicy, sweet fruit for fresh market or for jams, jellies, etc. Mulberry leaves are very high in protein so can be harvested for livestock feed and a green tea made from soaking the leaves in hot water is reported to be like a health tonic for a such maladies as diabetes, etc.The berries are also very nutrient dense so high food value. Mulberries should be planted far more here in Canada both as a food crop and a wildlife habitat tree. Taylor mulberries have a greater CARBON sequestering ability than most of the plants presently being used for greenhouse gas mitigation. These unique food trees with Zone 3 cold hardiness need to be planted more widely. Plant two trees for cross pollination and thus more abundant fruiting.

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