Japanese Quince fruit looks(bright yellow) and tastes similar to the more common European quince. However this is where the similarities end. Japanese quince flowers are a very attractive red-orange and Euro quince are white. The "low bush" growth habit of Japanese quince allows for snow cover to protect the fruit buds during the coldest winters ...but the fruit buds on the taller Euro quince do not get same snow protection. Our Japanese quince bushes have produced fruit even after -40 C winters! We have been breeding and selecting for better quince varieties with bigger, tastier fruit.for 20 yrs.and now offer a package of 3 Japanese quince for $100 in order to encourage more local production...presently almost 100% must be imported for Canadian consumers to be able to enjoy this fruit. Japanese quince bushes should start to produce within 2 yrs of planting and quince fruit are easy to sell( high market value). 

QUINCE SPECIAL: Japanese X2 and European X1 ...3 trees for $125

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