After 40 years of trial and error, we now have persimmon trees that produce fruit even after our coldest winters(wind chills of -40 C ). Our persimmon fruit mellows(when fully ripe) into a delicious, sweet, orange-fleshed delicacy. Our Taylor persimmon fruit look just like the Asian kaki persimmon....except smaller and tastier. If your area gets winter temps below -20 C range, we suggest planting only Taylor persimmon trees grown from our fruit seeds and not grafted trees. Why? The graft makes the persimmon tree less resistant to winter cold. The quality of the fruit on the seedling trees produced from our seeds is excellent. Some are self-fertile but we suggest planting several trees to ensure better cropping. These persimmon seedling trees resist -40 C ( Zone 3 or colder) and show no pest or disease problems. Fruit harvest is late Oct. on the bare branches but can be picked earlier and easily ripened off the tree. 


Persimmon SPECIAL.... 3 trees of 3 yrs old and approx 75 cm tall for $199


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