We suggest this orchard mix of weird and wonderful fruit species based on our 40 yrs of experience with organic permaculture diversity. These can be grown without pesticides and have high value productivity. Mulberry can act as a trap crop or provide juicy sweet berries continuously from June until Sept. The bush fruit( aronia and cherry olive) can take shade....( undercropping for trees) and poor soils.The two tree fruit, apple-pears and plumcots, have taken the severe climate extremes of past decade better than most of our other tree fruit and also produce 95% marketable fruit without sprays! Two of the best tree fruits with commercial potential... as 100% of these fruit are presently imported and already have a very high market value$$. We add a mix of black fruit as testing has shown that black coloured fruit varieties have highest nutrient content....thus healthiest to eat. The black fruit mix is black raspberry(3), blackberry(3) and black current.(3). Persimmons are the #1 eaten fruit worldwide and now Canadian orchards can include our winter hardy version of "diopyros" or "fruit of the Gods" .....to be the first in your region to grow this locally! 

ORCHARD MIX: Mulberry(5), Cherry Olive( 5), Aronia (5), Asian Apple Pears(3), Plumcots(2), Black fruit(9), Canadian Persimmons(3)          32  plants for $1000

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