Wolf River is an extremely large heirloom apple often weighing more than one pound and was found growing wild in Wisconsin over 100 yrs ago. It is a very pale reddish colour on a yellow background with a creamy white coloured flesh. It has an unique sweet,non acid flavour that is excellent for fresh eating as well as cooking, baking and drying. Wolf River trees are very winter hardy(zone 2) and the fruit stores for many months in excellent condition. This heritage variety is very resistant to today's worst apple apple scab., etc. We are offering 3 variations of this wonderful apple in 2024. Let us know which variation you prefer after placing your order online.

WOLF RIVER -W is the original wild tree from Wisconsin

WOLF RIVER - REDFLESH is a wolf river apple discovered with deep red flesh making it that much more healthy because of the high levels of the red antioxidant lycopene in the flesh

WOLF RIVER- QC is the comparable Riviere de Loup apple we discovered growing wild in a ditch near Sutton Quebec

 Let us know which Wolf River variant you want

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