CRAZY APPLE grows as a small bush(6 feet) in CANADA and produces fruit in first year of planting. The delicious fruit with apple/pear flavour is harvested in early fall and can be stored all winter in cold storage(fridge) without losing flavour or texture. This fruit can be eaten fresh (sweet, crunchy, juicy) or stir-fried (like water-chestnut) or as chips (sliced and dried).  Thanks to its high concentration of inulin, low glycemic impact, and healthy naturally occurring probiotics, this fruit should be given "SUPERFRUIT " status! Why do we call this the CRAZY APPLE? It produces its fruit in the ground (not on a tree) and  hence no sprays, no ladders......just plant in spring and dig crop in crazy! Also called Peruvian ground apple 

Save some to replant for next years crop so that you will be self sustaining in this food. Grows well in any climate zone 2-9 and normal garden soil.

CRAZY APPLE...........…….5 plant tubers for $99



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