JUJUBE or Chinese Date trees produce sweet date-like fruit on a small dwarf tree of 2m. Easily grown in a pot and brought into cool garage for winter in Canada's coldest climate zones 1-4

Zones 5 -9  Jujube trees will produce fruit outdoors as they can take  -25 C  winter temps.

We sell the most popular fruiting varieties Li and Lang grafted jujube trees. These 2-3 yr old grafted trees usually produce flowers and fruit in one year.

Jujube trees are said to be self fertile but will produce much more fruit with two different varieties…can plant in 5 gal pot and produce fruit even in -40C (  zone 2) temperatures if pots are brought into garage or other cool storage for winter months

varieties we offer in 2024 are

Li ....Chinese variety that can be picked early and eaten fresh from tree or store at room temperatures and will ripen into a delicious, sweet, date-like flavoured fruit

Lang.....Chinese variety that pollinates Li and is called "Chinese date" because of its sweet date-like flavour

Coco...a Ukraine variety called Yalta with a delicious sweet coconut flavour. Hardy variety 

Chinese(qui tue xian)...very large chocolate coloured fruit...can pick unripe and is crisp/sweet or let ripen to super sweet date like fruit. This variety grows well in a pot


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