A FARM Visit and Pawpaw Tasting - OCT 15, 2022


Our Green Barn Farm visit and fruit tasting this year is on Saturday Oct 16, 2021 at 10 am.  At no other time in the year do we allow any visitors to wander our farm fields. We show you around the farm and explain what we call our "freedom farm" system of growing food crops. We have 100's of varieties of fruit trees not found on any other farm in Canada(or USA) ...from which you will be able to taste some ripe fruit still on our trees.

Morning tour (10-12) .....will focus on more known fruit like blackberries,apples, pears, grapes, plums, cherries, etc and native edibles that are growing wild on our farm 

Afternoon tour (1-3pm)... will focus on exotics like pawpaw, kiwi, persimmon, quince, medlar , shipova, yacon, banana, coffee, etc

PLANT AUCTION (3-4 pm)......will hold an auction so you can take some fruit trees home after your tour. Highest bidder gets the plant so bring cash if staying for auction

COST is $50 for each tour

no dogs

yes young children but must register to come 


Please reserve your spot in advance......online below or by email ken@greenbarnnursery.ca

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