Aronia Berry (aronia melanocarpa) is a Zone 2 hardy, disease resistant shrub( 1-2m ) that boasts masses of white flowers in the spring and spectacular red leaves in the fall....making Aronia a perfect candidate for edible landscaping projects. The many clusters of edible black, "cherry-like berries" hang well into the winter providing food for both humans and wildlife. Aronia berries have more antioxidants (2147) than blueberries (558) and Acai(320) hence giving it " BEST super fruit" status. In fact, of all the many berries we sell, this is the most nutritious according to latest scientific studies. Native Americans used to call this fruit the "grandmother" of all their natural medicines and thankfully health enthusiasts are now planting this "newly discovered" native berry. Aronia berries can be eaten fresh especially if left on bushes to dry into "aronia raisins" .....but is usually made into jam, juice, wine or tea. Aronia berries are incredibly easy to grow in almost any soil or climate conditions. Order 2 varieties to assure cross pollination and more abundant cropping(more fruit).

YEAR 2021 was a climate disaster but good test year for plant toughness on our farm...long cold spring with -10 C in late May to kill all but hardiest flowers...followed by almost two months of many fruit flowers that survived the spring freeze and formed small fruit then aborted them as no moisture to size them up....then the starving wildlife( birds, squirrels, raccoons, crows, turkeys, deer, coyotes, etc) found the scarce fruit and were relentless eating anything that was even partially ripe( even totally unripe).......BUT ARONIA bushes are still loaded with fruit as of NOV 1, 2022 .....each bush can provide enough fruit for one person for a about food security!!.......and I picked a 5 gal pail of aronia fruit in early August just in case the wildlife would wipe us out in SEPT/OCT...and these fruit are what I am still eating after nearly 3 months on the kitchen counter at ambient temp!

ARONIA Berry 3 plant mix.......$199


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