Aronia Berry is a very cold hardy( down to - 35C) disease resistant shrub( 1-2m ) that shows masses of white flowers in the spring and spectacular red leaves in the fall....making Aronia a perfect candidate for edible landscaping projects. The many clusters of edible black, "cherry-like berries" hang well into the winter providing food for both humans and wildlife. Aronia berries have more antioxidants (2147) than blueberries (558) and Acai(320) hence giving it " BEST super fruit" status. In fact, of all the many berries we sell, this is the most nutritious according to latest scientific studies. Native Americans used to call this fruit the "grandmother" of all their natural medicines and thankfully health enthusiasts are now planting this "newly discovered" native berry. Aronia berries can be eaten fresh especially if left on bushes to experience some frosty nights....but is usually made into jam, juice, wine or tea. Aronia berries are incredibly easy to grow in almost any soil or climate conditions. Order 2 varieties to get cross pollination and more abundant cropping(more fruit). Our best two fruiting varieties are Black Beauty and Wild Black. Our plants below are mature enough to start fruiting in first year

ARONIA bushes are .................................$79 each

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