There is a disaster occurring in Florida's orange groves in 2017. A disease from China is wiping out the citrus farms so the University of Florida  citrus experts have all the citrus farmers spraying pesticides like crazy in hopes of controlling the disease...instead what we see is thousands of abandoned farm orange groves with dying trees. They are now hoping to save the orange production( largest in world) with a new GMO orange maybe it is time to start your own orange tree here in Canada....particularly if you want to avoid heavy pesticide residues in your orange juice or GMO's in your fresh orange. We hope to have several types of grafted orange trees available this spring...Navel, (best selling commercial eating orange) Cara (red flesh), Valencia( juicy sweet), Lemon Orange (can sub for lemon) , Sugarbelle( highest priced fresh eating orange in Florida...very sweet))

ORANGE TREE( any type) .......$145

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