Avocados are well known for their healthy oil and their use in a variety of tasty recipes. Avocado trees can tolerate below zero temps( about - 10 C) and seem to be comfortable growing in a pot ...like figs. We import grafted named varieties with superior fruit ...like Bacon, Wurtz, Monroe, Haas, Choquette, etc . Avocados grown from seed can take over 25 years to bear fruit while grafted varieties take generally 1-2 years. Avocados are said to be self fertile so only one is needed for fruit production….but male and female flowers do not come out at same time except for the WURTZ variety. Order early in Jan - March ......we only import a few each year for resale. 

WURTZ DWARF AVOCADO........still available for spring 2024

Our grafted AVOCADO trees..... $175 ea

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