GUAVA fruit make that delicious fragrant jelly that is mainly sold in Florida and other warm climate locations. We import limited inventory from Florida( very costly to import now) so place your order as early as possible. We ship our tropical plants once our Canadian weather warms up (MAY -- OCT). Guava can take freezing temperatures( -10 C) so can be grown outside in Vancouver or in moderated climate of a greenhouse. Also GUAVA make easy care potted plants...for patio, balcony or sunny window(they are small bushy plants). The pineapple GUAVA even has sweet edible flower petals ...they taste like "cotton candy". Some GUAVA'S have strawberry-like fruit and others have very large( baseball-size) fruit with white aromatic flesh. Give one a try ....and you might become addicted to the fruit? Pineapple GUAVA or Strawberry GUAVA?

PAPAYA is a fast growing and beautiful fruit plant...from seed to picking fruit happens within one year in warm tropical climates and maybe even a heated greenhouse in northern climates. We sell small 2 ft plants that should give papaya fruit within a year. Papaya is a very tasty and healthy fruit with its digestive enzymes able to help those who frequently encounter meat and other indigestions. Papayas are a very expensive fruit all across Canada/USA even when in season down south...up to $10/fruit is not uncommon. Maybe it is time to grow one for yourself?

GUAVA or PAPAYA........$159 per plant

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