An Apple SPECIAL- HERITAGE Collection


Each year we custom graft a few heirloom or special heritage varieties that exhibit a diversity of great, old-fashioned apple tastes. We find there is more interest now in those fabulous flavours of years ago....probably a result of  an over-abundance of the "sweet & bland" apples of today. Many of  these old heirloom varieties are being lost in today's rush to create commodity foods(sameness in flavour of apples) getting these varieties spread throughout Canada might help to save them for future generations. All are dwarf trees and can survive Zone 3 climates. Some varieties have red flesh, some white flesh and some yellow flesh. Skin colours vary from red to green to yellow to golden brown and many variations in between. Flavours vary from sweet to tart with variations in spiciness, fruitiness and even nuttiness!  We sell the heirlooms as a package of 4 different varieties to maximize distribution of these old genetics. You can choose your 4 varieties but we reserve the right to freely substitute if we sell out of a particular variety...we have only limited trees of each variety available. Each individual tree will be labelled so you will know what heirloom you are going to taste in a year (or two) when the first apples start arriving on these dwarf apple trees. Have fun!

Heirloom varieties available this year are: Chenango Strawberry, Pink Princess, Irish Peach, Hornesburger, Greensleeves, Wolf River, Winekist, Banana Apple, Skucog, Summer Rose, Mott's Pink, Katja, Gold Russet, Northern Spy, MACfree( scab-free MacIntosh), Cortland( NS), Wonder Red, Purple Passion.

 Package of 4 different heirloom trees.......$199


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