Hardiest of all Crabapples - Mini Me


Many home owners are looking for a small sized crab apple that will not grow into large overpowering 30 ft trees....like most varieties being sold today. Our Mini-Me variety will grow to only 2-3 m( 6-9 ft) but has all the ornamental qualities of other crab apples...a beautiful display of white flowers in spring and hanging clusters of red "cherry-like" fruit that hangs on tree all fall and winter...no messy fallen fruit to clean up and wonderful food all winter for hungry birds and other wildlife.(you can eat them fresh from tree too and the mini-me crabapples make great tasting apple butter or jelly).

Mimi-Me is very cold hardy( zone 2) and very resistant to apple pests and diseases.... thus easy to grow without sprays. This is our toughest crabapple and suggest planting these in Canada's most northern lands for wildlife food and human settlement … come peoples of Nunavut what are you waiting for?!

Make great edible hedge in winter for hungry wildlife in Canada's frozen northland….better than endless jack pines that feed almost nothing!

We have a  30 year old 1000 foot long row of MINI ME crabapples in a neglected corner of our farm just to feed overwintering wildlife...deer, turkeys, Cardinals, etc.

It is a shame that all the wildlife experts know so little about  the food trees that are sought after by hungry wildlife both in winter and summer

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