In 2024 we are going to start selling more of the apples we discovered growing on their own on our farm and in abandoned fields all across Canada. AT OUR FALL TASTE SESSION our new wildings SOOKE PIPPEN and  WILD SCARLET were rated higher than favourites like HONEYCRISP and GALA!

SOOKE PIPPEN.....a large delicious sweet golden apple found on abandoned tree growing wild near Sooke, BC (see photo below)

WILD SCARLET......a large red, juicy aromatic apple with red tinged flesh and fruity berry favour. We found this one growing on northern edge of our 2023 this 30 ft tree produced bushels of apples and we never noticed it growing there for the past 50 yrs.  ( photo below)

VEGAN RED - most nutrient packed apple we have found with deep red flesh. Reported to have the most bioactive compounds of any apple tested. Vegans should be excited by this health powerhouse(See photo below with knife)

RIVIERE DU LOUP(WOLF RIVER - QC) . This apple was discovered growing wild in a ditch near Sutton, Quebec. We think it is a good substitute for the famous WOLF RIVER  apple from Wisconsin. see photo below

CARDINAL CRABAPPLE . This seedling tree was found growing in a wet, weedy field on our farm and because it is very dwarf(6ft) ..... it was not noticed until last year. The little tree is loaded with small fruit which never drops to mess up lawns.  Plant several trees along property line or driveway for a beautiful hedge or visual screen. Over wintering birds like the Cardinal love the small fruit as a winter food source. Even whitetail deer will eat the small crab apples over winter when high nutrient food is needed to augment their diet of tree twigs. Cardinal crabapple trees are hardy to zone 2 or colder so can be planted in coldest cities in Canada… come on Edmonton, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Iqaluit! Cardinal's white floral display in spring is outstanding and the tree is even beautiful in winter when bright red fruit hangs on the bare branches.(see photo below). My colleague Andre is a naturopath and uses these high nutrient dense fruit as an energy booster when hand digging our fall fruit trees. All around winner!! (see photo below)



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