Chestnuts - AmericanXX


Native American chestnuts were once abundant in North America but have been almost entirely wiped out by chestnut blight. Chinese chestnuts are blight resistant so they have been cross-bred with American varieties to produce a tree that is blight resistant and is very winter hardy.( our mother trees are now 35 yrs old and produce nuts yearly...even after -35 C winters)  Our chestnut crosses( 90% American + 10% Chinese) produce large sweet nuts that are much tastier than those stale imported chestnuts that frequent the Canadian supermarkets. Canada has ZERO commercial chestnut production although Ontario is starting to plant a few trees for test purposes. 

We sell seedling trees of our best producing mother trees. These seedling start producing chestnuts in about 3 yrs from transplanting and are very winter hardy to colder zones 2-5

PLANT 2 or more trees for cross-POLLINATION and better chestnut production

Chestnut American XX tree.......$89 each

2024 spring special …. order 3 trees and we add 4 th tree for free


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