Black Walnut 3+1 Special


Once common in North America, the lumber of this native tree is so valuable that most have been cut down and sold. Single mature trees can sell for as much as $10,000 each. We sell seedling trees grown from our best nut producing Mother trees growing on our farm. Plant these zone 3, cold hardy black walnut trees to add value to your land. The tasty nuts are very large and flavourful...but hard to crack. Worth the investment to get a nutcracker to savour the nut. The hard shells are useful as a soil amendment (carbon enhancement)...and are used to clean aircraft engines( maybe you can sell your walnut shells to them?). The soft green "skin" around the fresh walnut can be used to make a parasite cleansing drink or a natural black dye used for hair colouring. We used to sell all our fresh black walnuts to LUFA(food basket company in Montreal) for their online customers.
PLANT 2 FOR POLLINATION. We planted our first 50 black walnuts only 3 ft apart in a row behind our house to get cross pollination ... never removed or thinned any of  them and now these 40 yr old giants are full of nuts and some are reaching for the sky at 100 ft tall..and this close planting has not affected their growth rate or size. Their roots must “talk” to each other and share nutrients,etc? So never worry about spacing requirements for nut trees as nature has been doing close packed forests for eons without our “guidance”

BLACK WALNUT TAYLOR is cold hardy to 2/3 

SPECIAL 2024…… buy 3 black walnuts and we add 1 extra free one…. get 4 trees for price of 3

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