Montreal Dwarf Mulberry


Montreal Dwarf Mulberry fruit are very large, sweet and super flavourful. Yes birds love the fruit as do raccoon, deer and just about every critter. Not to worry though, with 1000's of berries ripening over a period of time there is plenty to share and farmers can plant a hedgerow of mulberries to act as a "trap crop" to save their market crop from being eaten by scavengers. Great tree for the organic minded grower as our mulberries have shown no disease or insect problems on our farm for the past 25 years spite of drastic climate change over that time. Hard to find a better berry plant.... tasty, high in nutrients and easy to pick. This self-fertile mulberry is hardy to -35 C (zone 3)

MONTREAL DWARF MULBERRY is very unique as it grows well in a pot and can be kept fruiting almost all year round if kept warm. Also can be maintained as a small 6 foot fruiting bush by a little pruning from time to time.

Montreal Dwarf mulberry ….$139



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