OAK trees are native to much of North America and their nuts(acorns) were eaten by wild animals(deer, turkeys,etc) and humans. Today acorns are rarely gathered for human consumption as the bitter tannins make the nuts almost unpalatable. The bitter tannins can be removed by flushing with water as our pioneers used to do in the local river...but can now be done in the water bowl of a flush toilet. We have been working with different oak species  in search of a less bitter acorn. We now have some trees producing acorns with little or no bitterness.....they could be called "sweet acorns". 

Sweet acorn oak trees are usually from crosses of burr and white oak species. Like the native red oak, these sweet acorn trees are very hardy and acclimatized to Canada's colder climates(zone 2/3). Oak trees can live for hundreds of years ...adaptable to climate change and poor soil conditions. A few selected trees are available in spring 2018

OAK - Sweet Acorn selection.........$89 each

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