We select our best heartnuts after 25 years of field testing them. The best tasting and easiest cracking nuts are then duplicated from our mother trees by grafting. We know our genetics can survive very cold winters....we even get nuts after -35 C winters... and they are very productive with hanging clusters of 15 or 20 nuts being common in most years. Plant these heartnuts to replace less sustainable animal meat......why not "meat-on-a-tree" (nut meat) ??  Maybe plant high quality protein heartnut trees along the edge of those low quality protein GMO soya or corn fields that use sooooo much chemicals.  Plant both Graft #1 and Graft #2 for cross-pollination and to maximize nut production.
Our grafted Heartnut trees are very precocious( start producing nuts 2 yrs after planting) and are dwarfed compared to trees grown from seed. Heartnuts will store for 12 months or more in their shell without losing any of their delicious butternut-like flavour. We sell out of our own heartnuts every year and always looking for other suppliers. 

Graft #1.............$69 ea   (order one tree we send this selection)

Graft #2..............$69 ea ( order two trees we send both selections)

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