THIMBLEBERRIES are also known as "salmonberries or flowering raspberries".  This is a multi-stemmed thornless cane plant with attractive maple-like leaves and large fragrant mauve flowers... making it an excellent ornamental and food plant.  Native to North America, Thimbleberries produce a bright red fruit that resembles and tastes like a raspberry but in shape of a thimble...hence its name. These very tough, hardy plants are very easy to grow as they can take a variety of soil conditions( very damp or dry) and grow well even in full shade. They can make a great shade loving flowering hedge.  Thimbleberries make excellent fresh eating or can be made into jam or jelly. SELF POLLINATING. Very cold hardy to ZONE 2/3  HEIGHT:  4-6 ft
HARVEST Fruit in August 

Thimbleberry plant.....$49 each

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